Courageous Coaching for Men:

I help successful professional men find peace and confidence at home – with his wife, all his children, his family, his friends and his community.

I help men in key areas of life:

Better Husbands

I coach you on how you can love your wife more – and have her share more of her love with you. Simple techniques and approaches help you see what makes her happy – and how you can deepen your connection and create a happier married life.

Family Changes

I provide tools and methods for being more present in the home with all the children in your home – so you can stop struggling, learn to dad & stepdad confidently, and master the complex dynamics of the modern family and blended family.

Work Challenges

I encourage and coach you to see your work situation more clearly, make better strategic decisions on where you are and where you want to go, and be resilient in the face of professional opportunities, setbacks, and job changes.

Life Transitions

I help you process your thoughts and emotions so you can handle life’s transitions better, such as divorce and remarriage, aging parents, empty nests, and health challenges.

I’ve coached and advised men going through challenging times for decades.

I’d like to help you become the better man you know you can be.

How it works:

We begin with listening.

Exploring where you are now with your family and professional life, and where you want to go.

We talk about what support you have in your life now, and how you want to improve that.


We lay out your goals.

What would you like to be able to say or do better a month from now? A year from now?

And: what would achieving that goal or capability mean for you in your life?

Would you feel more peaceful at home, more in love with your spouse, more present with all the kids? To be a better son, brother, and friend?

And build confidence.

How would that make you feel more confident – both at home and at work?

With focused one-on-one conversations and training with key tools, I help you develop the skills you need to make your home and personal life match your successful professional achievements.

Some say men don’t like to talk.

But: no.

Men want to talk.

It’s just that we don’t feel heard.

Dr. Ben Hine’s deep research on fathers and family describes how men often don’t feel heard – leading to all sorts of issues.

It’s true: men often don’t have a lot of adult male friends to talk to about their lives. Competing against other men for jobs, money and women makes making male friends feel more difficult after we all hit our early twenties.

Plus: going through transitions – like changing jobs, moving to a new city, marriage and/or divorce – often means we lose touch along the way with key men we knew well and respected. So: it can feel like you have fewer fellow men to turn to for advice than before.

Talking with your spouse, female family members, or other supportive women in your life can help. Therapists, counselors, psychologists and other mental health providers are great sources of help and support.

At times, though, it can feel like only a fellow experienced professional man can really know what you’re going through.

I’ve walked in your shoes – and spent years wrestling with and learning from my own mistakes.

I’ve been fortunate to have some great male friends and mentors along my life journey.

I’m proud to say I keep in touch with many men who have been there for me over several decades of challenging life experiences – and I’ve been there for them.

I can help you find ways to create your own support network of fellow men going on this journey together.

Most important: I can help you feel heard. Our confidential one-on-one coaching sessions are all about you and your situation, with action plans and next steps tailored just for you.

About Courageous Coaching for Men:

Are you a successful professional man with great career achievements – but sense something is missing on the home front? Do you want that same sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in your personal life, particularly in your relationships with your wife, children, stepchildren, friends, and family? I can help.

Life is full of transitions, and sometimes it can be challenging to navigate them with confidence. I focus on supporting successful professional men like you who are going through life changes – and who want their personal lives to be as successful as their professional achievements.

Imagine feeling just as accomplished at home as you do in the boardroom. Picture yourself being the best husband, friend, father, stepdad, and community member you can be. I’m here to guide you and provide you with the tools you need to make that vision a reality.

First and foremost, I offer you encouragement. Often all it takes is a little boost of confidence to overcome the hurdles that life throws our way. I’ll be there to encourage you, to cheer you on, reminding you of your strengths and helping you see the great potential within you.


But it’s not just about motivation. I also provide practical guidance and strategies to help you navigate life’s transitions more smoothly. Whether you’re wanting to be closer to your wife, being a better dad or stepdad, blending families, being a better friend, or just trying to strengthen your relationships, I can help.

Together, we’ll explore effective communication techniques that will help you connect with your loved ones. We’ll get into the intricacies of building a strong and loving marriage, understanding the dynamics of family & stepfamily relationships, and fostering meaningful connections with your children and stepchildren.

I’ll equip you with the tools to be a better listener, communicator, and problem-solver. We’ll work on conflict resolution skills, helping you handle disagreements with grace and empathy. You’ll learn how to balance the demands of your career with the needs of your family, finding harmony between your professional and personal life.

As a successful professional, it’s easy to neglect your own physical well-being amidst the hustle and bustle of life. But taking care of yourself is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. I’ll show you how to prioritize self-care without feeling guilty, allowing you to recharge and bring your best self to every aspect of your life.

Ultimately, my goal is to empower you to achieve a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment – not just in your professional endeavors but also in your personal relationships. You deserve to experience joy, love, and connection on the home front, and I’m here to help you make that real.

And I’m ready to share what I’ve learned in a life of personal and professional experience – with lots of mistakes and lessons learned along the way. 

So, if you’re ready to transform your personal life and create lasting, meaningful relationships with your spouse, children, stepchildren, friends, and family, I invite you to take this journey with me. Together, we’ll navigate life’s transitions with confidence, ensuring that your personal achievements match the success you’ve already attained professionally. Let’s make your home life as extraordinary as your career.

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