Empowering Success at Work & Harmony at Home

Welcome to a unique coaching experience tailored for successful men seeking mastery... both in the boardroom,  and at home.

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Key Areas of Coaching

Optimizing work success and home life balance for driven men

Professional Growth

Enhance your decision-making and resilience at work, preparing you for opportunities and setbacks alike.

Grow at Work

Work Effectiveness

Learn how to be more productive, nurturing and effective in your professional life – both in your current role, and where you’d like to go next.

Be More Effective

Family Business

Improve your performance at your large family-owned business – if you’re a member of the family, or even if you aren’t.

Family & Business

Career Strategies

Learn where you want to go professionally – at any stage in your career – and tap key resources (such as headhunters) along the way.

Career Progress

Better Husband

Learn techniques to deepen your connection with your spouse, enhancing love and shared happiness.

Connect with Her

Better Father

Be more present and effective as a father and stepfather, navigating the complexities of modern family life.

How To Dad

Better at Life

Receive support in managing critical life changes like divorce, remarriage, and parenting shifts with grace and strength.

Roll with Changes
How Coaching Works

We start by understanding your unique challenges and aspirations.

Through focused conversations and practical tools, I guide you toward actionable steps that align your professional success with personal happiness.

Powerful questions and listening help you achieve your goals – either at work, or at home – and together we get you where you want to be.

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Elevating your professional and personal life: 

Achieve peak performance at work and serenity at home.


I'm Mike Haney

I specialize in transforming high achievers into well-rounded leaders who excel professionally and thrive personally.

With decades of experience in executive roles and personal coaching, I understand the challenges you face and offer the strategies and support you need to excel in the boardroom and find peace at home.

More About Mike

“I appreciate all of this. This coaching gives me stuff to chew on."

“You are helping me be present and to channel my thoughts into more positive directions."

“You always give me more things to think about and care for, both practically and emotionally."

“This has been helpful, Mike. I appreciate it."

“Mike has a high level of integrity and commitment to client service."

“Mike was a pleasure to work with."

Fostering success in the boardroom... and harmony in the living room 

Tailored for high-achieving professional men.

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Discover how targeted coaching can transform your professional acumen into greater personal satisfaction.

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“Mike has brought creative ideas and high value solutions to our work together.”

“Mike’s consistency and reliability made our efforts a success.”

“I get that you’re speaking my language.”

Gain professional excellence + personal fulfillment

Tailored for accomplished professional men.

The Power of Conversation

Men do want to talk—they just need to feel heard.

My coaching approach breaks the stereotype that men prefer to keep their struggles to themselves.

I create a safe space where you can express your challenges and aspirations freely and receive the support you need.

We address not just professional hurdles, but also the complexities of personal relationships and emotional wellness.

Let's redefine what it means to be a strong man in today's world.

I'd Like to Feel Heard!

“I enjoyed my time working with Mike.”

“Mike can analyze complex problems, identify root causes, and develop ways to correct challenging issues.””

“All of this is helpful. You’ve given me a lot of ideas.”

Enhance career achievements while deepening family ties

Tailored for successful professionals.

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